Theactrics – Become the New You

So remember from our last chat, you can become who you want to be.  So let’s say I decide to change my ways, become a wine drinker, not a beer drinker, drop my jeans, dress up and head on down to the wineries, in a first class limo, with one of the best Temecula limo service companies.  For those of you who don’t know, Temecula is in the wine country, down in California.  For those of you who know me, this is not a place I would be caught dead in.  It’s not my seen.  Is it possible; yes?

This would be a big change of personality for me, but I aimed to do it, and I will tell you why in just a moment.  I know, at first glance, that seems impossible, but you all know it is true in the theatrical presentations.  Every prominent actor/actress becomes the part.  We have already talked about that.  When you become the part, and you do it right, everyone will believe you are who you say your are.  So we already know that people can become a different person in the theater/movies.  Now to be a good actor, one must believe in the person they are portraying, right?

So now let’s say for a moment that you are an actor or actress. What is it that you must do, to be considered a great actor?  Well if you reread above, you will realize that any good actor must have belief in the person they are portraying.  So it becomes quite simple, for you to be a good actor you must believe in the part that you’re playing, even if you must make up that belief.  Theater ActorNow repeat what we spoke about earlier, “You can become anyone you want to be”.

So let’s say for a moment that you weren’t an actor in the theater, but an actor in life.  Well to be a good actor in life is no different than being a good actor in the theater.  You must have belief!  So that brings us to our main premise.  I want you to think about the part you would like to play in your life.  I want you to come up with the character who you want to become.  Stop right now and think about it.

Think about currently where you are in life.  Are you where you want to be?  Have you accomplished all of the things in life you would like to accomplish?  If not, I ask you why you don’t simply change your character.   No longer play the antagonist, but become the protagonist.  Pretend for a moment, that you’re actually writing the piece.  It is your masterpiece.  Realize that you have total and complete control of every character in the scene.  But most importantly, focus on your character, not on who you are now, but who you want to be.  Remember, you are writing the story.  If you back who you want to be with absolute belief, amazing things can happen.

So it’s kind of funny.  Recently a couple of friends and I decided to practice this exact scenario to see if it was true. We happen to be regular folk, beer drinking, barbecue guys, and really just enjoy the simple things in life. But we thought for fun, we we would change that, for a night.

One of my buddies said, “You know what, I have always wanted to see what the girls were like, that where pretty dresses and sip wine.  I think we should go down to a winery and try and fit in.  We laughed about it for a while, had a few more beers, and went to bed.  But the next day we both got a call, I’ll say from Billy, and he said let’s try it!   I’m serious right now, let’s get together, dress up fancy, and go down to a Winery.  Let’s practice what we talked about.  He said if everything we were talking about is true, it should actually be very simple; we just need to play the part, right? We all just kind of sat there thinking about what he said.  It was quiet for quite some time.  Finally I stood up and said let’s do it.  So we spent the rest of the afternoon putting our plan together.  We created each of our characters, if you will.  We decided exactly how we would accomplish it.  We discussed how we should act, and what we should wear.

It went off without a stitch.  We ended up kind of getting a little bit away from ourselves, during the evening.  But that is not really the point.  The point was, no one there new any different.  It was actually kind of fun, and a little bit exciting.  I won’t get into how the night ended, but it was definitely a night to remember.  The only thing you need to remember is, if you act the part, where the clothes, and ride in the limousine, then everyone expects that is the part you play.  If you do it well and believe, then you are believed, just as all the actors/actresses you have watched your entire life.  Read that sentence again, three more times, and then decide who you want to be.  Because, you can become the person you want to be!