Welcome – So glad you came!

The Wizard of OzI want to welcome you, to a new adventure.  This will be something like all of us traveling down the rabbit hole, of “The Wizard of Oz”.


I plan to attempt to provide you the necessary information, to continue enjoying your imagination, we all do, when losing ourselves in a great production, but as you will see, there will be more.


There will be an attempt to bridge the fantasy world, with a similar ability that all actresses/actors have; the ability to become someone else.  We admire, their ability to step into character and be who we want them to be.  This is interesting.  We believe in who they have become.  We enjoy who they have become, because we enjoy the traits they own, within their character, right?


So now I ask you this.  Did not they study a script, or writing, to understand who they should be or act like, to win the role, within the production they are part of?  The answer is yes.  Also, because we know who they are supposed to be, we analyze, whether they meet those criteria, then decide if we like them or not.  So now you have to be ready to take a leap of faith, and go down your own rabbit hole.Take this JourneySometimes, as you know, we do not have to like the antagonist.  Sometimes, we like the antagonist.


So let me leave you with this, as we journey the bridging of ourselves, with fantasy, or maybe our future reality, “You become what you think about, most of the time.”


Is it possible, just as those that prepare for the theater, become who they need to be, to make the production successful, that each of us, have the same ability to become who we need to be, to make the production of our life successful?


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